Stephen Morse

Stephen Morse
Senior VP
Phone:(401) 274-2810 ext.320
Fax:(401) 274-6440
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MRI Ring of Honor and Hall of Fame staffing solutions provider includes success in engineering, manufacturing, sales, marketing, logistics, quality and research at middle management and executive level. My professional recruiting experience spans 25 years, providing staffing solutions to companies of various sizes on a national and global scale. I am proud that over the years my business reflects a great deal of customer and personal loyalty. A full 60+% of the time, a placement made is not the first with that given client. I enjoy getting to know a client well, creating a relationship over time where that client truly relies upon me to provide the winning solution they seek. I believe that a tenacious approach is required to surface the potential top candidates, and I am known for continuing the search until the "final bell". My involvement throughout the entire search process, including offer extension and acceptance, as well as counter offer defense, has proven effective in "delivering" the chosen candidate. I believe in trying to recruit for my clients the "best possible" candidate, not just the "best available" candidate. Detailed planning and research at the initiation of a search, along with a professional, ethical, confidential partnered recruiting approach create the desired results. I enjoy enhancing careers and building companies, positively leveraging their success.