Janet Hanna

Janet Hanna
Senior VP
Phone:(508) 366-9900 ext.104
Fax:(508) 898-9982
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I have been a healthcare professional for over 25 years. I began as a clinician and spent most of my professional career developing and starting hospital and ambulatory programs and managing operations. I have built relationships at all levels which I believe enables me to understand what my clients and candidates need and want to be successful, especially in today’s changing healthcare environment.

As an experienced healthcare professional I understand the challenges within todays healthcare industry. I view these challenges as opportunities for professional growth and success. I listen closely to the needs of both my client and my candidate and strive to make an excellent match – one, which contributes to the success of the organization and meets my candidates professional goals.

My clients want the best. Characteristics of an excellent candidate include successful experience in specialty area, excellent problem solving, team–building and communication skills, leadership qualities and motivation to succeed.